Vivobase HOME. Protection against electromagnetic radiation

Vivobase HOME. Protection against electromagnetic radiation

VIVOBASE protects you from UMTS, LTE, 3G, 4G, 5G, WIFI, DECT, Bluetooth, GPS, switch-mode power supply units, monitors and other artificially produced fields, as well as from natural fields, such as water veins, faults, and natural and cosmic radiation.


VIVOBASE generates an electrostatic field in your skin, align the water molecules in the body to prevent non-ionizing long wavelength to penetrate the body cells, and damage the mitochondria.


VIVOBASE GmbH is German engineering expertise combined with decades of medical experience throughout the development of measurement devices/therapeutic devices for the Healthcare sector.

  • Tech specs

    Body as antenna neutralized

    Alignment of water molecule structure preserved

    Tests cover body temperature, skin resistance, muscle activity, respiratory capacity

    Engineered in Germany

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