Spirulina Powder 67 portions 200g

Spirulina Powder 67 portions 200g

Only a Spirulina with highest quality guarantees that it can be used safely and that it brings all the claimed health benefits.

Spirulina, a blue green microscopic plant, is categorised as an ideal functional food. Spirulina provides a synergy of physiological actions. Spirulina provides a balanced composition of nutrients, mixture of closely related vitamers and phytonutrients, and is one of the most powerful antioxidant from Mother Nature. Spirulina modulates gut microbiota, has evidenced immune booster and immunomodulation properties, supports weight loss and metabolism, anti-aging and chronic diseases.

Active Cells Spirulina naturally grows in a closed glass-tubes system which guarantees zero contaminants and an optional photosynthesis. All nutrients are naturally preserved from oxidative damage. Recommended daily dosage: 3g for an adult.

Exclusively cultivated in Germany. Certified Halal by RACS, a UAE-based Halal assessment certification body. No capsules. No additives. Easy to swallow. Great digestibility. 


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