Lactobact® BABY+

Lactobact® BABY+

Lactobact® BABY+ from birth to 2 years old.

  • Contains 3 selected bacterial cultures in a special and highly concentrated combination
  • pantothenic acid and folic acid
  • Folic acid supports maternal tissue growth during pregnancy 
  • Lactobact® BABY+ contains 3 selected bacterial cultures in a special and highly concentrated combination.  
  • Colic affects many infants with incidence rates of up to 25%. Studies reveal that infants with colic show lower microbiota diversity and stability. 
  • Lactobact® BABY+ bring Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli strains which show significant reduction of colics.
  • Lactobact® uses a new, advanced and patented technology that achieves a 100x higher efficacy compared to conventional powder preparations.
  • Lactobact® Intelicaps® selected SHIME® one of the few gut models to demonstrate the efficacy of the protection capability of the new microencapsulation.
  • 2 g powder contains 50 μg folic acid (25% of RDA), 1,5 mg pantothenic acid (25% of RDA), 200 millions (2 x 10^8) bacterial cultures of the following strains:

1. Bifidobacterium bifidum  B548

2. Bifidobacterium breve     B6018

3. Lactobacillus casei          B5773

Free from: yeast, milk, lactose, animal protein, gluten.


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  • Dosing scheme

    2 g = 2 dosage spoons mixed with breastmilk/milk bottle to be taken at intervals throughout the day with meals.


    • Babies between 0-6 months: 

    2 times x 1 dosage spoon (or 4 times x 0,5 dosage spoon).

    • Babies after 6 months: 

    2 times x 1 dosage spoon.

    • Pregnant women: 

    1 time x 2 dosage spoons

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