Week by week, our cells are getting weak.

We no longer live in the same environment of our parents, our lifestyle is so much different to theirs. Our cells are being altered by our environment, diet and lifestyles. Lack of nutrients in food, combined with a poor modern diet habits (refined sugar, saturated fat), exposure to heavy metals and toxins, surrounded by electromagnetic radiation fields represent a cocktail effect that lead to a myriad of health disorders.


This situation has no precedent in human history.

We need to look at the roots.

Our exposure to heavy metals and toxins is high and keeps rising.

Mercury, aluminium, arsenic, lead, cadmium, herbicides, pesticides, dioxins, PCB's, EDC's and other environmental toxins are everywhere in our modern lives. 

From dental amalgams, from food, from the air, from water, through the skin, from the electro smog.

Learn More with following article from the Journal of Environmental and Public Health

The impact of manmade electromagnetic radiation on mitochondria can no longer be underestimated.

Lifelong exposure to non-ionization radiations is an area of concern given the exponential increase in the use of electronic devices over the past 3 decades. More and more studies on how they interface with the bioelectromagnetic body, how they can be linked with disturbances of the nervous, lymphatic and immune systems are conducted and published every year. Dysfunction of mitochondria, vitamin D pathways, brain activity and behavior, fertility is subject to extensive scientific literature.

We're all being affected whether we currently feel them or not.

No dose, no exposition is safe. We're not all equipped alike in front of them.

Our toxic load depends on the type of substance and its concentration, the frequency and length of exposition, the combination of multiple chemicals/metals, each individual genetics, age, adult or child, male or female, medical condition.

Our body can not metabolize and clear all chemicals and toxic metals. They can get into the bloodstream, they are then stored and continue to accumulate in the fatty tissues, the liver, the kidneys, the bones and the brain. They can affect our nervous system, disrupt the balance of essential nutrients, cause disruption in the enzymes production, create hormones imbalance, damage brain chemistry, and may cause cancer.

At different rates, and in different combinations, there are many chronic illness that can result.

Their links with most of our health issues now are undisputed. Every year the relationship between the effects of chronic exposure to them and the development of metabolic disorders, chronic infections, illness, pain and health in general are evidenced. 

There are two good news about it

Now, we know, we can do something about it.

Although so complex and uneasy to finding about them, there is so much that can easily be done to reduce our toxic load.

We can be in better control.

Yes, we can!


If it is taking more time than we think, it's simplier than we think!

What can we realistically do about it?

A safe and methodical detoxification is number 1 in terms of the things we must do to support our health.

  • The more we know about the toxic substances the better,

  • The faster and the more disciplined we are about it the better,

  • The most targeted mineral panel analysis to assess the current exposure and total toxic load,

  • The more we reduce the frequency of exposure the better, 

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