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It's time for action, time for new ways of prevention and cure.


Behind most chronic diseases stands a cocktail effect of nutrition, heavy metals, man-made chemicals and toxins, electro magnetic fields, poor physical activity, intestinal health condition, quality of enzyme and hormone production, mental condition. 

Natural therapies are the right health prevention decision. Taking care of ourselves is no longer a luxury but a necessity considering that a correct lifestyle, a reduction of our exposure to harmful substances, a physical activity can prevent the development of chronic diseases.

Chlorella has the capacity to absorb heavy metals and harmful substances.


The Chlorella multilayer cell wall has potent absorption properties to polluting substances, binds harmful organic toxins and various heavy metals. Heavy metals and other chlorogenic compounds can be eliminated, these substances strongly bind to the Chlorella multi-layer cell wall and are excreted with the faeces.

The synergy of several mechanisms contributing to the elimination of harmful substances with a Chlorella supplementation is described in the scientific literature:

Natural mechanisms of excretion by Chlorella explained in 7 steps

  1. reduces the absorption of heavy metals already during the intake of food.

  2. prevents their reabsorption in the intestine through “biosorption”.

  3. produces complexes e.g. chlorophyll produces a complex with dioxin avoiding absorption.

  4. the mineral components of Chlorella compete with the absorption of heavy metals.

  5. increases bowl movements and stimulates elimination.

  6. natural ingredients of chlorella stimulate the natural phase II and phase III elimination process mainly through the increased production of enzymes e.g. the glutathione-s-transferase.

  7. The Chlorella cell walls have a strong capacity to absorb xenobiotics incl. organic substances and heavy metals. 

Chlorella 101 or All you need to know about Chlorella

Chlorella fills up the nutritional deficiency gap.

Even a healthy diet can't be sufficient to fill it up. True or False? True.

Chlorella supplementation counteracts by absorbing and eliminating the toxic substances, naturally supplies the body with nutrients, and strengthens the immune system.

Chlorella, superfood with therapeutic use. In one page.

​Chlorella belongs to the oldest entities on Earth.

Chlorella emerged over 2,5 billions years ago. Chlorella species play a key role in the food chain which begins with water, and is the food that contributed to building the physical structures of living entities, including humans. It has been cultivated and consumed since mid-last century in Asia, and later in Europe and USA.

The first form of a plant with a well-defined nucleus.

A single-cell green microalgae that thrives on fresh water. Its name derives from the Greek, " chloros" meaning "green", and "ella" meaning "small". A Chlorella cell is spherical, and around 2-10 microns in diameter.

There are only 3 species of Chlorella

Scientists and botanists, thanks to recent use of molecular markers, agreed that only 3 species are counted to the genus Chlorella: C. vulgaris, C. sorokiniana and C. fusca. As early as 1992, it has been known C. pyrenoidosa that such a specie doesn't exist. This is in fact more due to an outdated concept of a “species” that was used for various different species and strains of algae groups

Myth or fact? Broken cell walls are preferable to intact cell wall. Myth

Intact cell walls truly matter: they're responsible for the absorption of heavy metals! Breaking up the cell walls is supposed to ease digestibility, however the use of ball mills or ultrasonic wave irradiation are aggressive procedures which degrade the cell walls. The fact is that broken cell walls don't increase the digestibility: this has been studied and documented by Kanno et al. 2005. Digestibility mainly comes from an advanced and/or the choice of the specie vulgaris.

True or false? Broken cell walls are preferable to intact cell wall. False

Conventional drying techniques are mechanical belts or sprays, coupled with ball mills or ultrasonic irradiation procedures. These aggressive procedures result in breaking up cell walls. The energy-sensitive constituents are then directly exposed to the acidity in the gastrointestinal tract, and get damaged. 


An advanced technology is a gentle tumble dryer, which diffuses moisture, and preserve the cell wall.

Active Cells Chlorella's nutrients are then all preserved from oxidation by the intact cell wall.

They get easily absorbed when the intact cell wall naturally opens in the digestive tract, and get absorbed in their biological form naturally.

Breaking news: Chlorophyll increases the cellular energy production.

Dietary metabolites of chlorophyll can transfer energy from the sunlight, enter the circulation, be present in tissues,  can be enriched in the mitochondria of mammals cells, and modulate mitochondria ATP production. These findings have implications for our understanding of aging, normal cell function, and life on Earth.

Chlorophyll and human blood  haemoglobin similarities.

They have the amazing very similar molecular structure. Both are composed of the same elements (carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen) with only one difference: human blood haemoglobin's elements are built around Iron when Chlorophyll's elements are built with Magnesium in the center. Chlorella is the plant with the highest amount of Chlorophyll.

Unique balanced composition of nutrients

Vitamins, Minerals, Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, Antioxidants (chlorophyll, lutein, phycocyanin, carotenoids, tocopherols). Unlike synthetic vitamins, a naturally grown plant provides a synergy of actions, and a mixture of closely related vitamers and phytonutrients with complex physiological effects.

Typical composition of Chlorella

  • 50% Proteins, 20 amino acids, incl the essential 8

  • 13% Minerals Ca, K, Mg, Zn, Fe

  • 13% Vitamins B2, B6, B9, B12, C, E, K1

  • 12% Fatty Acids

  • 12% Dietary Fibers, Pigments and Antioxidants, Chlorophyll, Carotenoids, Lutein.


Exceptionally rich in vitamin B12.

Not all supplements contain vitamin B12.

Not all supplements contain natural B12.

Not all supplements with B12 contain bioavailable B12 (it depends on the cultivation method). 

Everyone should take 'core' essential nutrients.

A nutraceutical is a component of foods or dietary supplements with a medicinal or therapeutic effect. That is neither how much of a nutrient that goes into the mouth that counts, nor is it what gets absorbed and transported in the blood. What counts is how much gets into the cells of the tissues that need the nutrients. Each person would need to take targeted nutrients depending on their genetic, lifestyle and medical history.

3g fits the international standard of levels of nutrients

3g (10 tablets) is recommended for all purposes including intestinal health, nutrition benefits, chronic diseases, and additional diet for athletes. Chlorella can be taken by intervals, in cycle or continuously without any risk of interaction. Patients with particular medical conditions have to seek the advice of their physicians. In general, minimum 3 months would be needed for a nutritional deficit, boosting the immune system and intestinal health, or during fasting period, halitosis and constipation.

Adult and pediatric dosage

Before food (breakfast, lunch or dinner), and 30 mns after coffee to increase the absorption of vitamins

  • Adult: 2 x 5 Tablets or 1,5 teaspoon 

  • Child 30kgs: 1 x 5 Tablets or 3/4 teaspoon

  • Child 40kgs:  2 x 3 tablets  or  1 teaspoon

A teaspoon is defined as 5ml or 13cm length.


A Chlorella supplementation can well be combined with selenium (binding effects), garlic and wild garlic, vitamin C (antioxidants), probiotics (intestinal health), and Spirulina (organs protection).

Side effects and limitations

Side effectsChlorella, globally classified as food, is not a drug, and generally is well tolerated.
Side effects, resulting from the elimination process and the initial toxic load of each individual, could be - during the first days - strong urine and stool smell, diarrhoea and slight gastrointestinal symptoms. As with any other food or intake, allergies, hypersensitivity and intolerance can occur.

Chlorella should not be taken by people with phenylketonuria. People with autoimmune diseases might not tolerate the Chlorella's immune enhancing effect.


A safe, pure and efficient Chlorella in the hands and mind of experts

High quality standards must be evidenced for a Chlorella to exhibit its health properties.


The cultivation water

Active Cells Chlorella is fed with pristine artesian source of water that is right underneath the algae farm. Amazingly very pure and well mineralized. The ice age map of northern Germany indicates that the water source was enclosed during the expansion of the ice sheets from Scandinavia and the north pole. The eco-friendly environmental aspect is particularly remarkable.

Advanced biotechnology photobioreactor

Built of 500km of glass-tubes guarantees the exposure to sunlight and optimal photosynthesis in a natural environment. Around 600 litres of a solution gets pumped through the tubular aquarium. Ideal flow conditions prevent shadowing micro-algae in between them, the photosynthesis is optimal. A heating and refrigerating system guarantees the optimal temperature for growth.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 20.29.09.png
Happy Family in Nature

Zero contaminations

Unprecedented 100% protection from all possible contaminations. Traditional form of cultivation in open pond can't exclude being exposed to rain water pollution, microorganisms from birds or insects, dust particles. Toxins can also accumulate from the pond in the algae biomass, contamination can come from the growth of cyanobacterias which can produce toxins (microcystines). If present, Chlorella can absorb them during its growth, then have to be sterilized for sanitary purpose. 

Intact cell walls with great digestibility

Intact cell walls matter as they're responsible for the absorption of heavy metals. Breaking up the cell walls is supposed to ease digestibility, however the use of ball mills or ultrasonic wave irradiation are aggressive procedures which degrade the cell walls.


The fact is that broken cell walls don't increase the digestibility: Kanno et al. 2005.


Digestibility mainly comes from an advanced drying technique and/or the choice of the specie vulgaris.

Comprehensive and demanding quality controls.

Active Cells Chlorella are analysed and checked on a regular basis, by the internal quality department and by third-parties laboratories in order to detect any presence of toxins (pesticide residues, aflatoxins, microcystines, heavy metals and others). These tests can show huge differences in between the brands as far as the load of heavy metals and toxins are concerned.

All Nutrients preserved from oxidation.

Conventional drying techniques by mechanical belts or sprays, coupled with ball mills or ultrasonic irradiation procedures to break up cell walls are agressive. They degrade cell walls and the energy-sensitive constituents. Vitamin B12, amino acids and Omega 3 are then lost.

Thanks to an advanced gentle tumble dryer technology, which diffuses moisture, Active Cells Chlorella's nutrients are all preserved from oxidation. They get easily absorbed when the intact cell walls naturally opens in the digestive tract, and get absorbed in their biological form. Naturally.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 20.29.02.png

What truly matters in science, and that is very true in biotechnology, is the know-how. And that can't be imitated.

The sum of knowledge that the biologists, the team have accumulated year on year is impressive. You can rely on the wide range of technical capabilities, financial resources and all the expertise required to shape research concepts and ideas, and turn them into trustworthy nutritional supplements.

Frequently asked questions

How long will it be before we see some results?

Unlike pharmaceuticals a dietary supplementation doesn't work instantaneously. In general, early difference with Chlorella starts to be felt after 3 weeks. There are many interactions that determine the impact on the metabolism such as the current health status, the complex roles in our bodies that nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids have. Metabolism disorders and chronic silent inflammation develop over a long period of time, then effects from new healthy lifestyles and dietary supplements are more gradual, reflect on the long term, don't lapse after a short while, and are more sustainable.

How long shall we take Chlorella for a detoxification cure?

In general, to excrete harmful substances from the blood and adipose tissues, a cure of two/ three months minimum is recommended with 3 g on a daily basis for an adult. In case of suspiscion, the patient and the physician can decide to have first the burden load been tested and analyzed, to better assess the situation. The physican could recommend to extend the duration of the cure depending on the toxicity load in each individual case.

Can Active Cells Chlorella or Spirulina been taken all year long?

Yes. Consuming a plantbased superfood (when high standards of quality are evidenced) is a highly recommended practice for anyone looking to strengthen his body's nutritional profile.

Any advice on this matter should be given by a physician, a pharmacist or a naturopath.

The daily intake of 3 g for an adult is within the international standards of daily recommendation levels of nutrients and vitamins.

What are the medical conditions that could benefit from a Chlorella supplementation?

In general, a nutritional deficit, a boost of immune system and intestinal health require a period of three months for results that last. Longer dosage in relation of specific medical conditions like carbohydrate metabolism, skin diseases, psoriasis, diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis or antiaging would individualised by the physician. The appropriate dose should only be set by a physician who would assess the individual factors (e.g. age, medical conditions).

Are there any interactions with other supplements or drugs?

No, Active Cells Chlorella, being ultra pure, can be taken by intervals, in cycle or continuously without any risks of interaction. Patients with particular medical conditions have to seek the advice of their physicians.

How are Chlorella and Spirulina be consumed?

Chlorella and Spirulina, as nutraceutical providing nutrients from food, are not a drug, and are classified as food. They not only supplement the diet but also facilitate the prevention or treatment of a disease or disorder. Although seriously documented, the information provided by Active Cells should not be used as self-diagnosis.

Why shall I take Active Cells Chlorella and Spirulina?

More and more health conscious people consume plant based alkalizing supplements, there is a strong pattern to select natural nutraceuticals rather than synthetic ones. Chlorella combines a unique ability to eliminate heavy metals and toxins whilst being a natural superfood with documented health benefits. Chlorella benefit all lifestyles categories such does Spirulina do.

Is there anything special about Active Cells?

Yes, the level of quality is unprecedented as well as is the level of purity. Indeed, a Chlorella must be ultra pure with superior quality and safety standards to bring all related health benefits. Not all Chlorella, Spirulina are alike. Active Cells Chlorella is cultivated in Germany. Active Cells supplements have been certified Halal by RACS headquartered in Dubai, an accredited Halal Certified Body by the GCC Accredited Center GAC, duly registered and approved by ESMA