Health Prevention 

Immune system modulation and mitochondria support

Save time

A variety of manmade products and situations compromise our immune system:

  • the multi-exposure of Heavy Metals & Environmental Toxins

  • a dysbalance in Oral and Intestinal Microbiomes

  • an accumulation of non-ionizing radiation


We all need to modulate our immune response and support healthy mitochondria.


Supporting the cells functions through natural biochemicals protective mechanisms and targeted nutraceuticals help addressing the production of free radicals and oxidative stress.  

We help you engage in prevention at cell level and be in control of what is preventable.

We help you trust the nutritional supplement and electrosmog radiation protection that you need.

Uncertain about which one to choose?  No wonder.

We all ask ourselves the below questions at the time of considering or buying one

  • Do you consider yourself to be not informed at all after reading a product label? 

  • Do you struggle to receive the information you need? 

  • Do you trust it’s really Organic just because it’s written on the product label?

  • What does Premium or Natural precisely cover?

  • Puzzled by the number of brands with over hyped marketing claims?

  • Is this Chlorella truly safe?

  • Where is the evidence?  

  • What's inside this Spirulina? 

  • What is not inside? 

  • Are the studies unbiased?

  • Which probiotic is really working?

  • How do I know this probiotic for baby, child or adult safe?

  • Are all bacterial strains alike?

  • How does a probiotic for oral health work?

  • Does this device really work

  • Where is the evidence?  

  • What makes this device do what it says it would do? 

  • Are there studies with this particular device conducted?

Our nutraceuticals and devices from Germany are true-born different 

Droplets Protection Shield
Lactobact PREMIUM
BABY Carton_CW282
Lactobact AAD
Dentasan_Oral Health Probiotics_14sticks
SP200 CP200_clipped_rev_1

Why is Active Cells so different?

Unbelievably Safe

  • Own spring Ice-Age water

  • No public water

  • No public pipes

  • 0% contaminants

  • 100% metals-free

  • No synthetic components

Unrivalled Quality

  • Sunlight glass tubes

  • Optimal photosynthesis

  • Chlorella Intact cell walls

  • All nutrients preserved

  • High biosorption

  • Optimal bioavailability

Uncompromised Ethics

  • UAE-based Halal certification

  • Label that don’t mislead you

  • The dosage that you need

  • Zero hidden ingredients

  • Cultivated in Germany

  • Environment-friendly

Why are DentaSan®, Lactobact® so looked after?

Unsurpassed Quality

  • The right strains

  • Biological approach

  • Unique galenic formulation

  • Targeted by age group

  • No hidden components

Unrivalled Efficacy

  • Passed the SHIME model

  • Repeatedly passed the tests

  • World's leading facility

  • Entire human intestine model

  • Patented micro-encapsulation

Uncompromised Ethics

  • Label that respects you

  • The strains that you need

  • Zero hidden ingredients

  • Only substantiated claims

  • Made in Germany

Why is VIVOBASE so unique ?

Unmatchable Quality

  • 60 years of know-how 

  • 4 decades in measurement therapeutic devices

  • 4 decades in protection devices

  • Technological device (physical, electronic)

  • Measurable radiation protection

  • Measurable protection efficacy

  • Engineered in Germany

Unrivalled Efficacy

  • Robust tests

  • Comprehensive tests include body temperature, skin resistance, muscle activity, respiratory capacity.

  • Body as antenna neutralized.

  • Mobilization of a body owned protection effect.

  • Recovery of water molecules structure.

  • Specific natural field effective at the fair-weather sferics level.

Uncompromised Ethics

  • Third-party accredited BION institute

  • Measureable by everyone with market available frequency measurement devices "body antenna effect".
  • Repeatedly recommended by biological dentists, functional medicine doctors, therapists and practitioners
  • A device that works

  • Built in Germany

About you and us

We are driven by strong convictions, and we evidence them.


1. We want to help our customers in raising their awareness about the absolute importance to choose prevention rather than sickness. The surest thing to do is to start from the base: at Active Cells, we're looking for the roots. It's about (re)examining our thoughts around eating, food, and understanding the probable most overlooked root cause of our health issues: the Heavy Metals/Environmental Toxins and Electrosmog Radiation.

2. We want to help our customers in their health journey in (re)-gaining trust in nutritional supplements and in a safe technology.

3. We’d love our customers to feel respected with our evidence-based products, unbiased research, unrivalled safety and efficacy, outstanding ethical way, and looked after by demanding health practitioners.

4. It’s right to bring to every integrative medical - biological dental clinics, to each of their patients, to each father and mother, to each kid and family innovative products and solutions that they need!

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